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USB desktop negative ion air purifier withe HEPA filter
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Air Treatment Appliances  -  Air Purifier
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1PCS/Brown box , 12pcs/carton .
100  Unit
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 1. Small and beautiful, easy to carry, USB Powe line .


2. Isolate the floating dust  in the air  and other  bacterias


3.Improve breathing; reduce the incidence of disease; prevent flu  and respiratory diseases. To improve the heart,Cerebrovascular disease symptoms.


4.Remove bad smell, smoke, odor;  make people invigorating,;eliminate fatigue and burnout;improve work efficiency.


5.Iimprove the quality of sleeping; eliminate neurasthenia


6.Purified fresh air would help calm the volatile emotions.


7.Anti-static to reduce the computer screen radiation on the body damage.


8.Reduce the suspended bacteria, pollen and other irritants to the skin damage, there is an obvious cosmetic effect


9.Decompose harmful substances;  effectively kill mites; prevent various influenza; You do not need worry  in the conference room, entertainment places


10.Efficiently decompose formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases;  eliminate  all kinds of peculiar smell and smoke; purify air and prevent disease; make your indoor air is full of clean and fresh air, it is  good  for your physical and mental health


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